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        Treating Chronic Pain, Obstructions and Infertility Naturally

        The Clear Passage Approach is a revolutionary hands-on technique designed to break up adhesions, scar tissue and other blockages that prevent the muscles, organs and systems of your body from working properly. Our technique is a natural, non-surgical, drug-free solution that treats the core problem, not just the symptoms.

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        Conditions we treat caused by scar tissue and adhesions:

        Adhesions form to help the body heal from surgery, infection or trauma. After healing, adhesions can create strong glue-like bonds that last a lifetime.

        Published Success Rates

        57%[fn] 90%[fn] 93%[fn] 65-96%[fn]

        Pregnancy Rate for
        Blocked Fallopian Tubes

        Prevented Surgery for
        Bowel Obstruction
        Increased Quality of Life
        for Endometriosis
        Chronic Pain

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        Infertility Bowel Obstruction Endometriosis Sexual Dysfunction
        61% Blocked Tubes Opened
        57% Blocked Tubes Pregnancy Rate
        43% Endometriosis Pregnancies
        39% High FSH Pregnancies
        54% PCOS Pregnancies
        56% Pre-IVF Pregnancies
        90% Preventing Surgery
        67% Pain Reduction
        35% Improved Diet
        67% Improved Quality of Life
        83% Less/Stopped Medications
        93% Overall
        61% Menstrual Pain
        50% Ovulation Pain
        80% Intercourse Pain
        64% Increased Orgasms
        71% Increased Desire
        79% Increased Lubrication
        96% Intercourse Pain
        56% Orgasm
        78% Desire
        74% Arousal
        70% Lubrication
        65% Satisfaction

        Patient Testimonials

        We had three strikes against us: Only one fallopian tube; it was blocked and swollen (hydrosalpinx); also high FSH. After leaving Gainesville, we had no blocked tube and normal FSH, and have had three kidsnaturally.

        Jen – High FSH, Blocked Tubes, Hydrosalpinx

        If they say they can help you, my friend you can believe it.

        Richard – Recurring Bowel Obstructions

        “We went to pain management and the doctor walked in the door, he asked us ‘Who sent you here? Why are you here? We cant do anything for you.’ It could have saved years of aging me and time lost with my family, my friends if I had this therapy from the beginning.”

        Debra – Chronic Pain

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        “As a surgeon, I know that most patients are going to develop some form of adhesive disease after surgery. In the past, treatment for adhesions has been more surgery which caused more adhesions. Now with the amazing Wurn Technique, patients have a safe and effective alternative to surgery.” Dr. Jacques Moritz
        Director of Endoscopy and Gynecology, St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital
        Faculty: Columbia University Medical School

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